Our Story

As a high school band director, Mat Montgomery greatly admired the composers and arrangers that had the ability to write incredible pieces of music that were not too technical for high school ensembles. He made it his goal to create modern and unique sounds for jazz band that are approachable by a high school band.

The quest for new sounds for big band starts with exploring compositional techniques used in other music. The inspiration comes from avant-garde to minimalism to dubstep. This provides a fresh new approach to writing for this ensemble and expands the traditional thinking of what a jazz band can do.

Before being printed, each piece is played and reviewed by a professional Seattle jazz band, The PH Factor Big Band directed by Paul Harshman. The band provides feedback and edits are made before sending the final copy to be printed.

Through unique inspiration and attention to detail, Dapper Page is committed to bringing you high quality modern big band music for your ensemble.